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Disney Villains hot makeover.

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Richard and Mark Sharing a Private Moment *wink* - NJ Con 2014

askthetrickstergodgabriel because I miss this nonsense XD

I miss it too honeybunch.

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Shiba Inu puppy, 7 weeks old.

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Sick Microsoft burn

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Anonymous asked: People love to accuse others without any basis. People kept tweeting they were really sorry for Destiel shippers behaviour to the the actress who played April and she was like "what? I didn't get any hate". Now people are saying the actress who plays Hannah is gonna get death threats based on something that didn't even happen in the first place.


People are apprehensive about the actress who plays Hannah because this fandom has a definite history of hatred and even violent threats towards women.

Now, maybe the fandom has grown up a little and by now the apprehension about violent misogyny outweighs the actual violent misogyny that takes place. But this concern is not without basis. Not at all. It happened with Jo. It happened with Ruby 2.0. It happened with Lisa. And the actresses who played Amelia, Naomi, Abaddon and April may have not received death threats, but the characters certainly did receive a kind of loathing from the fandom that no male character besides maybe John Winchester, ever has. And three of those characters were entirely unnecessarily killed. And don’t even get me started on the way Vicki, Daneel and Genevieve are treated simply for being married to j2m.

My particular post was born out of growing tired at the rampant misogyny both in the writer’s room and the fandom. I am extremely apprehensive about season 10 because my expectations of both the show and the fandom’s response has hit so low. I am cynical. And I will remain that way until the writers and fandom prove me wrong.

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honestly if theydve killed off crowley at the end of s9 and had abaddon in crowley’s current role that wouldve been so good bc dean hardly ever platonically relates with women and she couldve snapped him out of some of his shitty misogynistic beliefs and just make the show less unbearable to watch tbh

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